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Let’s Talk About Sex

By now everyone knows about Rush Limbaugh’s Lush Viagra Limpballs’s  nasty attack on college student, Sandra Fluke, whose only crime was appearing before Congress to explain that birth control [pill] had essential uses beyond preventing pregnancy and therefore should be … Continue reading

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A Troll on an Elevator Is Still a Troll

Once upon a time, on a little Celtic island, far, far away, a lovely princess was cornered in an elevator by a drooling troll. The troll propositioned her for sex, and the princess turned him down and fled the elevator … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Stupid

Ah.  Just another day on the Internet.  Where I learn, once again, that my husband must be gay*, because the person that he married can’t possibly be a woman. (*Not, as they say on Seinfeld, that there’s anything wrong with … Continue reading

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Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After. A lesson in how a franchise that started out well, can be undone by the forces of bland conformity. The Shrek movies, all four now, follow the misadventures of an ogre (Mike Meyers) who meets and falls … Continue reading

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The F Word

As in…Feminism. I’m currently reading Ironhand’s Daughter by David Gemmell.  My poor husband has been trying to get me to read Gemmell for years.  Trouble is, I’m a bit burned out on S&S fantasy, as well as urban fantasy (UF).  … Continue reading

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