In Progress

Works in Progress

Regan O'ConnellHallowbone Holiday.  The sequel to The Music of Chaos. Regan O’Connell thinks she finally got it right, brokering the perfect peace agreement between warring demon races. But, once again, her best laid plans have gone awry.  The demons love her, but her own people, the elves?  Not so much.  Her best friend, Talis, a dark elf, is the epicenter of the controversy. (Almost done…)

Star-Crossed Wasteland.  Post, Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk/Romance.  Ten thousand years into the future and much of the planet is a desert wasteland where water is more valuable than gold….

Lost in Paradise. Romance/Science Fiction. A former super villain, exiled on Earth, meets the owner of a small, struggling bookstore–love happens.