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Horse Eats Hound

Yes, the vacuum is running. And, no, the greyhound isn’t budging from his spot on the carpet. In fact, his head is up is because he saw me with the camera and wondered what was going on.  In the absence … Continue reading

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Horse Sketches and Fictional Workplace Hijinks

I start off with a plan. “I will practice drawing people today. Because I still can’t draw people. I will not draw horses. Because horses are easy to draw. Seriously, no horses!” Five minutes later, and I’ve got this. Four … Continue reading

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Things that Go Beep in the Night

It all started with a beep. At 3 AM in the morning. Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe’s fire alarm keeps beeping? She unplugs it, takes out its battery, beats it with a shoe, and then throws it in … Continue reading

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