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Slaughterhouse Kirby

Saturday morning at Casa de Kirby. At the obscenely early hour of 6:30, the greyhound hops up from his pile of bedding on my husband’s side of the bed and starts making slobbery snorting noises. A few minutes later, my … Continue reading

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War Horse

Alternate title for War Horse: Cursed Horse. Because nearly everyone who climbs on that animal’s back, gets dead. War Horse, the movie, is epic. As in epic disappointment. In a picturesque Devon, Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) watches a horse grow … Continue reading

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It seems that even critics who liked Brave thinks it’s not as inventive as previous Pixar fare. I disagree. It breaks the fairy tale mold in ways that go beyond its strong female protagonist. No, Merida is NOT the typical … Continue reading

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A Dance with Dragons

Because I’m a pathetic little shit who needs to have her opinions validated, about halfway through the monstrous tome that is A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin, I went looking for reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and … Continue reading

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Lost in the Opposite of Paradise

It’s summer in the desert; it hasn’t rained in months; it’s hot. In other news, water is wet. As the blog name suggests, “But it’s a dry heat.” By comparison to the deep South, this is true. Except we’re edging … Continue reading

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