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My Little Pony Goes Crazy

The sign says it all. Horses are big dangerous and destructive animals. Why girls go horse crazy is beyond me. (Ahem. There’s a joke in there about men…moving on….) This is the Wonder Horse’s second liability sign. The first, made … Continue reading

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The Dreaded “P” Word

I’m always late to the party, and by party, I mean Internet kerfuffle. Case in point, the flurry over John Scalzi’s blog post regarding white male privilege. The thesis being essentially (and correctly) that all other things being equal, being … Continue reading

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Fun with Fire

And I didn’t set myself on fire once. Not even my shoelaces. Not-so-spontaneous combustion being an occupational hazard of being an artist who works in metal. Welder, plasma torch, grinders, all spiting sparks and fiery bits of metal. Combine that … Continue reading

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Pitch Black

I’ve never much liked Superman. Although Smallville did a decent job of injecting the man of steel with a touch of humanity, the character as a whole is overburdened by his squeaky clean, unambiguous morality. I like my heroes to … Continue reading

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Wheel of Dreams

Okay. So this is a cheat; in the interest of getting the blog fired up after a few weeks of hiatus. I’m still writing. And writing. And writing. And somehow, the effort of doing the “maintain an online presence” thing … Continue reading

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