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Dear Author, Don’t Make Me Smack You.

Several months ago I read a much-lauded book, the first in another long epic series where the author is taking a god’s age to finish the sequels. (Like I can talk. I’m still not done with the 80K sequel to … Continue reading

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They Hang Horse Thieves, Don’t They?

An interesting side effect of being a heathen employed by a church, is that I probably read more scripture than many so-called Christians. Certain scriptures, those associated with Lent/Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas, for instance, get replayed yearly. Every single time … Continue reading

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How to Enable a Murderer

The thing that strikes me about the Trayvon Martin case is that, to some extent, the issue of gun control has been ignored. Make no mistake. I know racism was the cause of this young man’s death. Given that the … Continue reading

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In Time

Remember Logan’s Run? Me neither; just a few scattered impressions from when I was a kid and it was on TV.  I recall it being about a futuristic society where people were killed off at 30, their expiration date announced … Continue reading

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Regarding Greyhounds, and WIP Excerpts

It’s an absolutely lovely day here in sunny New Mexico. Blue sky, a light breeze, and 74 degrees. My muse, however, has been very persistent and I spent most of the morning writing. By about noon, the greyhound decided I … Continue reading

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“…it was a very long, very french tongue bath for some creator of silent films..” ~a comment on a review at Rotten Tomatoes. To some extent, that assessment isn’t off-base, although a big part of the slobber on Hugo comes … Continue reading

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The Iron Duke

In which China conquers the known world not with cheaply priced chachkes to be sold in Wal-Mart, but with nanotechnology and mind rays…. Kidding. Sort of. In the alternate history of The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook, an Asian culture … Continue reading

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Clumsy and Insane; What’s Not to Love?

Ask any horse owner for the defining characteristics of equines and they’ll likely say “accident prone” and “frequently paranoid.” The second is a function of the horse’s position on the food chain, herbivore, aka, a carnivore’s happy meal. While the … Continue reading

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“Where’s the beefcake?” Me, after watching Immortals, a film that is advertised as being “from the producers of 300.” Except 300, for all its flaws, featured some of the best that modern nutrition, gyms, and some steroids could make of … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger – Erin Pryor

Good morning, all! Today, in place of the usual snarking on movies and odd doodles from my sketchpad, I’m pleased to welcome Erin Pryor, author of Pillars in Time, a time travel romance. Erin has stopped by for an interview … Continue reading

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