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Black Swan

I don’t think I’ve ever entirely forgiven Natalie Portman for the Star Wars debacle. Of course, I know the real blame lies with George Lucas and his pathological inability to direct anything with a pulse. I also know Portman isn’t … Continue reading

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I still can’t draw people. Not very well, anyway. I’m starting to think it’s some kind of weird psychological hang-up, because I don’t have the same problem with animals. Human proportions, for some reason, don’t make sense to my artist’s … Continue reading

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Real Steel

Technically, Real Steel isn’t my kind of movie. I mean, sure, it has fighting robots, and battles between giant mechanized men are totally my thing. Violence. Futuristic technology. Yay! Except, Real Steel relies on the “cute kid” plot device and … Continue reading

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Unholy Ghosts

In which I actually like an urban fantasy novel…. I first heard about Unholy Ghosts over on Dear Author, where a mild kerfuffle (very mild, by Internet standards) went down in the comments over the protagonist’s drug use. I remember … Continue reading

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Bet Your eBook Can’t Do This!

I’m utterly obsessed with my current WIP. Writing anything else when these damn pushy characters keep demanding time is about impossible. They did let me take a break and do some sketching…. I was thinking about my earlier post regarding … Continue reading

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Familiarity Breeds Nitpicking

Some movies just don’t hold up well to repeated viewing. Last week my husband and I re-watched Iron Man 2 and Star Trek (2009). We’ve seen both at least three times already, and of the two, Star Trek holds up … Continue reading

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Kids Playin’ Cowboy on Fences Get Splinters

There’s been some chatter regarding ereaders (Kindle, Nook, et al) and their supposed advantage to romance readers…  The claim is that ereaders let you enjoy your favorite love story on the bus or train without the asshat across the aisle … Continue reading

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Love Isn’t a Breed

Yesterday morning, the local TV station played a segment about the Albuquerque Animal shelter. Once again, they are nearly at capacity and it can only get worse as spring arrives and more puppies are born. (Spay/neuter your animals, dammit!) The … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens, of course, begins in New Mexico, because that’s where aliens always land when they aren’t planning on blowing up New York or Los Angeles. This state is like a space alien’s secret getaway. Our hero, Jake Lonergan … Continue reading

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You Can Bring a Luddite to an Ebook …

This week I finally popped my digital cherry as it were. Last month, for my birthday, I got a Kindle. Now, after working through my print book backlog, I’m reading my first ebook (Stacia Kane’s Unholy Ghosts). This morning, while … Continue reading

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