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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Because I can be a tiresome pedant, I’d like to note that we are currently living on the “planet of the apes.” Humans are apes. Except to those less-evolved hominids who believe that their imaginary friend magicked up the Earth, … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

In 2003, the powers that be at Disney had a shiny bright idea: “Let’s make a movie based on a ride in our theme park. Better yet, two.” As source material goes, you probably couldn’t find anything weaker unless you … Continue reading

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New Cover Goodness

I got this a while back and forgot to post it. The Canvas Thief now has a cover! I like how the designer went with a cool fusion of illustration/graphic novel and reality. Here’s the story description from the original … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Oh, noes. The War on Christmas! Can you have a war if one side doesn’t even show up? I mean, in the War on Christmas, there’s only one army on the field.  That’s because the evil godless masses, myself included, … Continue reading

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Guest Bloggage: Starla Kaye

And now for something I need to do more of… Giving my fellow scribes a chance at some promotion. With multiple novels, novellas and and anthologies under her belt, Starla Kaye knows how to bring on the sexy. Her latest … Continue reading

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What’s That White Stuff?

This morning at five-thirty, the alarm on my husband’s side of the bed went off and he groggily turned it off. I fell back asleep, only to be awakened by hubby announcing that, “There’s at least four inches of snow!”  … Continue reading

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Friday Schmaltz

The sun is shining. Yeah, I know. This is New Mexico. It does that. Except the weather geeks have been making much a hue and cry over the impending storm. Fortunately, in my little corner of the desert, the wind … Continue reading

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