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Scrambled Brain and Ham

It’s done. The art show season for 2011 is o-vah. Finis. No mas. Which leaves me loads of time to … finish painting the dining room. Before Christmas. I need a holiday from the holidays. As I write this, it … Continue reading

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Murder Most Foul

Today, on the very day that my Cyber Monday purchase–two gopher traps–shipped, I find my nemesis in the yard, D.E.A.D, dead. Yes, ding-dong, the wicked rodent’s dead. Friends know that as a rule, my garden is a welcoming place to … Continue reading

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Corrales Holiday Art Fest

One upon a time a guy decided to turn his hobby into a little business. The guy made artistic things out of metal. Well, his wife, being a dutiful and obedient woman (Yeah, right), would accompany him to shows at … Continue reading

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The King’s Speech

Years ago my husband dragged me to see Master and Commander. I sulked in the uncomfortable seat and grumbled, “Stupid, period drama. Ships, bleh.” And then … I loved it. It’s one of my favorite movies. So, even though the … Continue reading

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Fun with Telemarketers

I work at a church. Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh. But thus far, god hasn’t smote his ruin upon the unfortunate house of worship for hiring me. Being a place of worship doesn’t exclude it from getting calls from telemarketers and … Continue reading

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