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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

We don’t need no steenkin’ repairmen. We’re Kirbys. Together, me ‘n my man have built a barn and an art studio, remodeled the kitchen, and converted a garage to a dining room.  Like a toddler who’s tied her shoes for … Continue reading

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How to Get Killed at a Crafts Show

Or three things you should never say at a crafts show. (Under penalty of death. You have been warned.) Disclaimer: By and large, the people who frequent craft fairs are terrific. Friendly. Polite. Just plain nice. But at every picnic, … Continue reading

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Just Keep Clapping

Publish America is a crooked vanity publisher in sheep’s clothing. But that isn’t the point of this particular ramble. This morning, I came upon this in the Publish America (PA) thread at Absolute Write. The commenter was responding to another … Continue reading

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Facebook Won’t Eat Your Kittens

Stuff you can count on. The swallows returning to Capistrano. Taxes. Death. And someone on Facebook having a meltdown over privacy controls. OMG! Facebook has changed its settings again. Now, it can steal your children and sell them into slavery.” … Continue reading

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I Feed My Muse True Blood

The only problem with watching True Blood via Netflix is that it leaves me feeling like the slow kid in class.  Everybody else has moved on to lesson four, while I’m still stuck in lesson three.  That is, I’m still … Continue reading

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Who Is That Masked Horse?

“STOP DIGGING!” What my neighbors hear every morning from May to October. Summer and Fall are the seasons of flies.  This year, thanks (sort of) to a short and very unusual span of below zero temperatures, the fly hordes didn’t … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising

You know you’ve been at a job too long when the simple act of getting up, going outside and getting the mail becomes a kind of deliverance from the excruciating pain of ennui poisoning.*  I slog across the asphalt parking … Continue reading

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Will There Be Laundry Involved?

In a lovely change from the adverts for manroot fertilizer, I get this in my inbox. (It somehow sneaked past my spam filters.) Doris wants a “true relationship and partner.” Dear Doris, As a rule i make a Point not … Continue reading

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For Want of a Lightbulb

Saturday morning and my husband and I are paying homage to our god. In other words, we’re in Lowes, worshiping and tithing to the home improvement deity, who might actually be some variant of demon, but honestly, who gives a … Continue reading

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