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Save a Manatee, Eat a Teabagger

Though the cholesterol may kill you. Rather than the tricorn hats and tea bags, the official Teabagger (no, not calling ’em Tea Party) symbol should be a helmet.  As in, “they’re so stupid, they should wear one so as not … Continue reading

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Win a Free Copy of The Music of Chaos!

Win a free copy of my quirky urban fantasy, The Music of Chaos.  In addition to a free book, the winner of the contest will also get free “arts” by me (Small Kokopelli or angel wall art). It’s easy. Just … Continue reading

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Season of the Witch

Two armies face each other under the desert sun. It’s Christians vs. Muslims in the world series of genocide, aka, the Crusades. Our heroes, Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and Felson (Ron Perlman) trade witty repartee via dialogue stolen from The Lord … Continue reading

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There’s No Mystery; I Just Don’t Care

Alternate Title: “Why This Excerpt Sucks.” PROLOGUE  “They’re coming,” said Mary.  “They should be here tonight.” “Tonight?” said Bob.  “That soon?  Can anything be done to stop them?” “No. Nothing.”  Mary stared out the window, clutching her shawl around her … Continue reading

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Race Cars, Not Dogs

In which I ensure that I never sell any books to anyone in the greyhound racing industry.* (*No, I’m not calling it a “sport.”) Like I give three shits. You would think, given the proliferation of casinos and other forms … Continue reading

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A Troll on an Elevator Is Still a Troll

Once upon a time, on a little Celtic island, far, far away, a lovely princess was cornered in an elevator by a drooling troll. The troll propositioned her for sex, and the princess turned him down and fled the elevator … Continue reading

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Buy My Book, So I Can Afford Pest Control

A study in lunacy, Kirby-style. Saturday morning and I’m staring at dirty dishes from breakfast and inventing excuses for not washing them– “It’s against my religion; dish soap causes cancer; dishes come cleaner if food is allowed to set.” I … Continue reading

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