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Desert Garden in May

Life’s a beach. Of sorts.  Casa de Kirby sits in the midst of a vast sandy desert. Lots of sand and sagebrush.  No rain. No large body of water, unless you count the Rio Grande, which, nowadays, isn’t so grande. … Continue reading

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AWOL from the Battle of the Sexes

If men are from Mars, so too are women. I periodically come across discussions regarding the depiction of men in romance novels, in particular, how men are written by female authors. The common concern is that the men aren’t “manly” … Continue reading

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Clarity Counts

Here in New Mexico, the local schools use a program called Character Counts to uh, indoctrinate teach kids to be good little cogs in the machine how to play well with others. Whether or not this actually works is debatable. … Continue reading

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Blood: The Last Vampire

As a rule, “live-action film inspired by anime” is synonymous with the kind of suck that can give you a full-body hickie.  Blood: The Last Vampire obediently follows that rule. Saya (Gianna Jun) is a half-human, half-vampire vampire slayer who … Continue reading

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Editing, Tweeting and Drawing

I have a whole pile of partially written blog posts sitting on my desktop. But I’ve spent the past week and change working through the print galley for The Music of Chaos.  In the interest of actually getting something done, … Continue reading

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Art in the Park, Corrales New Mexico

In the Albuquerque area?  Looking for something fun and free to do this weekend? The first Art in the Park show takes place this Sunday, May 15 in La Entrada Park in the charming village of Corrales. I haven’t made … Continue reading

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Why Leash Laws Are Awesome (Or Why Certain Dog Owners Are Idiots)

Why leash laws apply to you–yes you–and your precious little doggie-woggie. Continue reading

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The Canvas Thief

So I stopped procrastinating and put the contract for The Canvas Thief in the envelope.  It’s now crossing the continent, destination Canada.  Actually, the fact that Harlequin/Carina Press–yes, as in Romance novels–is in Canada is news to me.  Shows how … Continue reading

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The Tourist

A lovely day in Paris.  (Aren’t the days always lovely in cinematic Paris?  You’d think they never had winter.  Unlike poor Moscow, where it’s always winter.) Anyway … Elise (Angelina Jolie) is sitting at a table in a sidewalk cafe. … Continue reading

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Son of a Witch

A caravan traveling through an isolated part of the Land of Oz comes across a corpse.  This isn’t the first they’ve seen on their journey, but the others have been “scraped,” the faces of the dead removed with surgical precision. … Continue reading

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