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Recap, not a review, because it is so eye-rapingly bad. Starts off okay.  Glowy, alien plasma zooms down into L.A. and starts giving all the beautiful people the worst case of varicose veins ever. Several hours earlier… Generic blond, Elaine, … Continue reading

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The Spirit Thief

The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron is terribly derivative. And therein lies its charm. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a massive reading slump, slogging through my pile of library books, finding mild entertainment, but no real joy. But The … Continue reading

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Of Aliens, Site Updates and Paper Books

The couple that’s in pain together … So my beloved and I awoke this morning with the same kink our neck.  Neither one of us can turn our head to the left. My husband, hearing that I had the same … Continue reading

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Plastic Prince Marries Plastic Bride

The royal wedding and all things regarding the nuptials are a perfect substitute for Ambien. Anyone who knows me, or who’s sniffed around this blog, shouldn’t be surprise by my utter disinterest in a multimillion dollar, faux, fairy tale wedding. … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Stupid

Ah.  Just another day on the Internet.  Where I learn, once again, that my husband must be gay*, because the person that he married can’t possibly be a woman. (*Not, as they say on Seinfeld, that there’s anything wrong with … Continue reading

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Beware of the Guinea Hen

Because I never posted the finished version of this, here. The guinea hen crossing sign. For anyone bored enough to wonder, the basic process to create it is as follows: Again, sketch a design.  Transfer the design to plate steel … Continue reading

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Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After. A lesson in how a franchise that started out well, can be undone by the forces of bland conformity. The Shrek movies, all four now, follow the misadventures of an ogre (Mike Meyers) who meets and falls … Continue reading

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You Gorgeous, Golden-Eyed Bastard

As always, I’m late to the party.  Today is International Raistlin Majere Day! Had I known, I would’ve donned my best red cloak for the morning dog walk with the greyhound. And alas, this is Friday, my day off, so … Continue reading

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You Liked It? Are You … A Crazy Person?

Over on Facebook, Smart B*tches Who Love Trashy Novels posed the question: I have many readers who email rants about books they wanted to like but didn’t. Am pondering category of “book rants.” What do you think? Interested? The response … Continue reading

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Windmills? What Windmills?

I’m hardly one to call for civility and decency.  Snark is my primary means of communication.  But even I have mellowed with age. As the story of this author kept spreading across the web, as people apparently couldn’t let it … Continue reading

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