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The Last Starfighter

“You haven’t seen The Last Starfighter?” says my husband, incredulous.  “I’ll add it to the Netflix queue.” I can’t remember why I never saw The Last Starfighter. Given that it features a cute boy, aliens, spaceships, space battles and a … Continue reading

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Monday, Lessons Learned

As I read this train wreck, a few things came to mind… A) I’m really grateful for editors. B) It’s really not a bad review.  In fact, I’ve written nastier reviews. C) People don’t know the difference between “e-published,” “self-published,” … Continue reading

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Karate Kid 2010

I admit I’m a curmudgeon. I’ve never been a fan of inspirational films, or at least, films that so self-consciously flog the zero-to-hero trope. Also, for reasons which now escape me, back in the day, I really didn’t like Ralph … Continue reading

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A Taste of the Chaos

Once upon a time, for a short while, The Music of Chaos was a webcomic. Because nobody (not even Edward of Twilight) does moping and angst like I do, I decided I would never, evah get the manuscript published.  In … Continue reading

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Step One, Dig a Hole

Gardeners bury their mistakes. Whenever I talk about gardening, there is always someone who is quick to say, “I can’t grow anything; I have a brown thumb.” Now, I recognize that this may be an attempt to shut me up.  … Continue reading

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The F Word

As in…Feminism. I’m currently reading Ironhand’s Daughter by David Gemmell.  My poor husband has been trying to get me to read Gemmell for years.  Trouble is, I’m a bit burned out on S&S fantasy, as well as urban fantasy (UF).  … Continue reading

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It’s Free, It’s for Me, Gimme Three!

Well, just one.  Just today, March 18th, 2011, I’m over at Romance Writer’s Revenge.  One commenter will win a free copy of my ebook, The Music of Chaos.  Stop by. It’s a really fun blog.  I recommend visiting regularly.

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Like a Roller Coaster

Dunno.  Maybe it’s hormones.  Maybe it’s just life.  But these past weeks I’ve been vacillating between giddy-happy and morose “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” “Boing, there she goes” triggers include everything from politics, New Zealand (poor Christchurch), Japan … Continue reading

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The Road

The Road, the movie. Where Viggo Mortensen gets the chance to let it all hang out. As The Man, in the grim adaptation of the equally grim novel by Cormac McCarthy, Mortensen sheds all for a rear-view nude scene. (If … Continue reading

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Ebook Publishing for the Lazy and Unethical

As I noted in my posting at the other blog, my blog got plagiarized. The thieving site, is the ironically named Write (Create) Your Own Ebook ( I’m not including a clickable linky, because they don’t deserve the linkage. The … Continue reading

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