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Like a Dinosaur, But Stupider

When I grow up, I want to be a paleoartist.  The “when” in that equation being rather nebulous.  My mom and my husband have both been waiting years for any hint of maturity. But, if I were a betting person, … Continue reading

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Nothing a Little Jack Daniels Won’t Cure

Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday and I’ve got nothin’.  So I figured I’d take a looksee at this blog’s accumulated comment spam.  Most spammers, of course, aren’t even trying.  In the comment approval window I find the usual suspects: links … Continue reading

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Why is it, when you’re in a huge hurry, every steenkin’ traffic light is red? On the other hand, if you’ve just spilled something on the passenger seat, or worse yet, all over your lap, and you really need to … Continue reading

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