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Writing with No Brakes

In which I embark on the adventure known as NaNoWriMo. I’m giving it a go.  November.  Thirty days and thirty nights of literary abandon. In other words, I’m going to try to crank out 50,000 words of mostly coherent story … Continue reading

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Fifi, Is That You?

This is clearly a case of what happens when you give a dog access to the Internet. To ‘Your Retail Store’: Today I went into your store, and I was appalled and disgusted that you blasphemed Almighty God Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Hot Tacos Sing Dick Cheney

Need proof of evolution?  Look no further than spam. (The virtual version, as the exact taxonomic classification for the edible kind remains a mystery to science.) For every innovation in spam filters, spammers evolve and adapt ways to get around … Continue reading

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Read for a Cure

I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t been impacted by cancer in some way.  Decadent Publishing, through their Read for a Cure program, is providing an easy way to indulge your love of reading and help fund cancer research through Relay … Continue reading

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Do You Really Want to Say That?

I’m queen of “speak first, consult brain later” conversation. But eventually, my brain does catch up with my mouth, I realize I sound like a blithering idjit, and I shut up. But some people have an amazing capacity to spew … Continue reading

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The Well-Adjusted Vampire

Coming at the end of October January 2011…The Music of Chaos, my urban fantasy novel, from Decadent Publishing. With all the usual urban fantasy elements–ass-kicking heroine, magic, snappy dialogue, and cheese enchiladas–and absolutely no whiny, schmopey, mopey vampires. My vampires … Continue reading

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The Panty Pest

I’ve got him in my sights, corrosive revolver loaded and ready to fire. “The only good Crimson Lance soldier is a dead one,” I mutter. My finger twitches on the XBox controller. And then my view is obstructed. By a … Continue reading

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