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That Home Time Religion

Wednesday night. Under a gray sky, a mass of fat rainclouds rolled over the house. So low you could almost touch them, but opaque and thick like dark gray cotton balls, not misty, like fog. They moved fast. Lifelike spooky, … Continue reading

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Go, Team Scorpion

“Clash of the Titans” is delightful. Delightfully bad. Having recently suffered through the critically acclaimed, but mind-rapingly dull, “No Country for Old Men,” husband-critter and I decided to dip into the shallower side of the cinematic gene pool. Clash of … Continue reading

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Good Thing He’s Cute

After spending the morning staring at the computer screen at work, wondering, “What the hell is it I do I here?” I’m back home.  And staring at the computer screen. My faithful greyhound enters the office, walking carefully over the … Continue reading

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Like a Dog, But Bigger

It’s six-thirty am and my horse is bugling at the house. I, the antithesis of a morning person, am thinking dark thoughts about glue factories and horse steaks. Bleary-eyed, I tromp out to to the barn, where the Wonder Horse … Continue reading

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Whot I Lurnt at Pubic Shool

‎”Who was Stephen F Austin??? Why are shool is named after him” That’s the title of a posting at my high school’s reunion page over at Facebook. It’s just a cavalcade of sad. A little misspelled monument to the inadequacy … Continue reading

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St. Paddy’s in the Fall

Yeah, it’s hopelessly out of season, but I stumbled on this at DeviantArt. Jelly sandwiches, nailed to the wall. The last panel is priceless. “Sit up straight or the devil will steal your backbone…and lash you with it for the … Continue reading

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What’s That Smell?

Ah, Fall in New Mexico. When the air is filled with the tantalizing smell of roasting chile. *Sniffs* Oh, wait. That’s not chile. Crap. I set myself on fire again. Occupational hazard of working with welders and plasma torches. Coming … Continue reading

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Brother, Can You Spare a Zucchini?

In which the Casa de Kirby is struck by a case of “careful what you wish for.” Rewind several months, back to March, when a young, uh, youngish, erm, what-ever, gardener’s heart warms after the winter that would not end. … Continue reading

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I, Geek

Alternate title, Lazarus, the Xbox. Horror of horrors, about a month ago our beloved Xbox got a case of the Three Rings of Death. At Casa de Kirby, this counts as a relationship crisis.  What are a husband and wife … Continue reading

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The Music of Chaos Finds a Home

After an assortment of misadventures, my first novel, The Music of Chaos, has found a home.  I have contracted to publish it with Decadent Publishing, a really new publisher. And by misadventures, I mean publishers going out of business before … Continue reading

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