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Love Isn’t a Breed

Yesterday morning, the local TV station played a segment about the Albuquerque Animal shelter. Once again, they are nearly at capacity and it can only get worse as spring arrives and more puppies are born. (Spay/neuter your animals, dammit!) The … Continue reading

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Boycott Skechers

What do Skechers and a lamprey have in common? They both suck. Here’s my greyhound, weighing in on the controversy (with a little help from me and Photoshop). In case you don’t know, Skechers is airing a Super Bowl ad … Continue reading

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Race Cars, Not Dogs

In which I ensure that I never sell any books to anyone in the greyhound racing industry.* (*No, I’m not calling it a “sport.”) Like I give three shits. You would think, given the proliferation of casinos and other forms … Continue reading

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