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What’s a Snot Monkey?

A simian with post nasal drip. The, uh, real answer is here, at my guest blog at Carina Press. What does this have to do with my new novel, The Canvas Thief? *Snerk* Honestly? Probably, not much. I just didn’t … Continue reading

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New Cover Goodness

I got this a while back and forgot to post it. The Canvas Thief now has a cover! I like how the designer went with a cool fusion of illustration/graphic novel and reality. Here’s the story description from the original … Continue reading

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Friday Schmaltz

The sun is shining. Yeah, I know. This is New Mexico. It does that. Except the weather geeks have been making much a hue and cry over the impending storm. Fortunately, in my little corner of the desert, the wind … Continue reading

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Scrambled Brain and Ham

It’s done. The art show season for 2011 is o-vah. Finis. No mas. Which leaves me loads of time to … finish painting the dining room. Before Christmas. I need a holiday from the holidays. As I write this, it … Continue reading

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Greyhound Racing, Still Full of The Suck

Thanksgiving, about a month away at this point, is coming at the speed of … a greyhound.  The Corrales Society of Artists’ Holiday show will take place over the three days after Thanksgiving. After a whole season of doing next … Continue reading

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I Feed My Muse True Blood

The only problem with watching True Blood via Netflix is that it leaves me feeling like the slow kid in class.  Everybody else has moved on to lesson four, while I’m still stuck in lesson three.  That is, I’m still … Continue reading

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The Canvas Thief

So I stopped procrastinating and put the contract for The Canvas Thief in the envelope.  It’s now crossing the continent, destination Canada.  Actually, the fact that Harlequin/Carina Press–yes, as in Romance novels–is in Canada is news to me.  Shows how … Continue reading

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