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The Great Wall

Once upon a time, a meteor crashed into the mountains of China, unleashing a horde of monsters who will get the munchies and descend upon the people of China every sixty years. And the only thing standing between China and … Continue reading

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The Three Musketeers (2011)

The makers of The Three Musketeer (2011) may have done well to take a cue from the film’s title. I.e., remembered that the story was more than The Adventures of D’Artagnan and His Three Sidekicks. The movie’s poster accurately sums … Continue reading

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Excuse the Mess

I must have run out of whatever I was smoking, as I’ve come to senses and realized the cutesy, pink template was unreadable and seizure-inducing.  In the midst of trying out different themes….

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Nothing a Little Jack Daniels Won’t Cure

Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday and I’ve got nothin’.  So I figured I’d take a looksee at this blog’s accumulated comment spam.  Most spammers, of course, aren’t even trying.  In the comment approval window I find the usual suspects: links … Continue reading

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